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Design to Sell
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 The goal when showing your home is to create a sense of urgency in buyers. By utilizing simple, yet effective decorating and staging techniques, I can create a warm environment that appeals to potential buyers. Plus, I use a proven set of guidelines to ensure the quick and profitable sale of your home.  I can help you with...
Making your Home a Buyer's Desire!

   ~De-cluttering Assistance

   ~Neutralizing with Color

   ~Highlighting Focal Points

   ~Furniture Re-arrangement

   ~Lighting Solutions

   ~Creating Curb Appeal

   ~Home Showing Preparation

   ~Maintaining a Model Image

Home  Enhancement  Checklist

Make your front entry a vocal point - paint front door, replace old hardware, and color coordinate the mailbox. Add low cost landscape lighting, a container garden, or a window box. Freshen up landscape, trim bushes, and store lawn tools. Put out the welcome mat!

Turn off the TV and play soft background music. Appeal to the buyer's senses with visual impact, soothing sounds, and good smells. Scent may be the strongest of our senses and forms an instant impression. Comforting smells, like baking bread, brewing coffee, or cider on the stove appeals to most potential buyers.

Transfer any emotional connections to your new destination, and clear out personal items like photos and collectibles. Clear off mantles, counters and the frig. Pack up toys, off season clothes and small appliances. Overstuffed closets and pantries convey that the home has inadequate storage space.

Maximize light by opening drapes and shades, cleaning windows, turning on lights, and increasing bulb wattage. Change lampshades or update light fixtures, the jewelry of the home. Set a comfortable temperature, or open windows as the seasons allow. Bring the sunshine in!

Identify your target buyer and accessorize accordingly. Remove any outdated wallpaper. Paint walls with neutral palettes of warm gray, taupe or pale blue. Add plants, books, pillows and throws. Remember less is best!

Bathrooms show better when they have style. Give them the hotel vibe. Hide toothbrushes and other toiletries in baskets. Change out old fixtures or counter tops, and add a new shower curtain and fresh towels. Above all make it shine. Every bathroom should feel like a spa.

Move furniture away from walls to give the appearance of open spaces. If purchasing new furniture, opt for neutral, modern designs with a few colorful accessories. Add mirrors
and remove any furniture that makes a room feel crowded.

Present your home as pet-free to buyers. Repair any damage or stains to the flooring. Remove their belongings, clean-up their areas and neutralize scents. Pets do nothing to enhance the home's perceived value, and your pets are not their pets!
While home staging was created primarily to benefit the seller, seeing prospective properties in their best light can also be advantageous to buyers, because it can cut down on their search time. Staging helps eliminate the buyer’s guesswork. My experience with staging enables me to present ideas to the buyer that they may not envision, or help re-design their new home.