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Overview of the Buying Process
It has been said, when viewing a house, it's likely a prospective buyer will have made up their mind before they even walk through the front door. Consequently, the home buying experience can be an emotional roller coaster. It's essential to be well informed since it can be the most important purchase you'll ever make. It is my intention to set expectations and walk you through the process...Read more
Finding the Right Home
BE THE FIRST TO KNOW- In today's fast moving market, being on top of the home buying search is critical. I can make that process easier! Being a member of both Dayton and Cincinnati's MLS, enables me to make you aware the minute listings become active, or when a price reduction makes a  property suddenly affordable. You can choose to receive e-mail notifications of properties meeting your search criteria...Read more
Time for a Home Inspection
According to lenders, being pre-approved for a mortgage can greatly improve your negotiating position. Sellers and their agents know that a pre-approved buyer is a serious one. Speaking with a mortgage specialist will give you loan pre-qualification well in advance of making an offer. Having approval makes you a “cash buyer” in the seller’s eyes, and gives you increased bargaining power...Read more
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PEACE OF MIND IS WORTH EVERYTHING- Home inspectors provide a comprehensive analysis of the current condition of a home. In addition, having a guided tour of the functions of your new house helps buyer confidence in home ownership. Knowing necessary repair items during the inspection period, could be a crucial tool in negotiating the most equitable price on the home. ...Read more
Getting a Mortgage Loan
AN INFORMED BUYER IS A SMART BUYER- Because I research the market and the economy on a daily basis, I have the ability to look at where we’ve been, and have a pretty good sense of where we’re headed in today's market. The real estate trends are changing everyday as well as the industry standards. It's important to know when the timing is right to buy a home...Read more
Real Estate News and Tips
Home warranties are a nice option to protect buyers  from malfunctioning home systems and appliances that you will rely on daily in your new home. For 1 year after closing, this protection program will allow you to call for service in the event of unforeseen failures of your home's equipment. Some warranties even include a re-key service for extra safety at your home...Read more
Need a Home Warranty?
New buyers are still entering the market which is good news for sellers. The higher your equity in your home, the more you net from the sale, which can easily go toward the down payment on your next house. Whether you're selling your first home filled with family memories, or downsizing for retirement, the prospect of selling can be a challenging process...Read more
Overview of the Selling Process
Clearing your house, yard, and other living areas of clutter and personal items is a first step in selling. A logical solution to storing belongings until you’re ready to move, is a PODS container. They will drop off a container to your home, and you can load it at ground level with your items. Either leave the container on your property, or at a secure PODS Storage Center...Read more
Now that you've decided to SELL your home, it's time to put your best foot forward and deliver what the buyer desires. The home must be what we in the industry call, "model ready". Buyers are looking for a clean canvas  that they can personalize to their style. The mission is to create a neutral space to exhibit endless opportunity. This is where I come in...Read more
In real estate, location is everything. Ohio can expect to benefit from steady increases in home values over the course of the coming months. The housing market this past year took a slight dip in our area, as inventory levels decreased, but it remains a growing slice of the economic pie. If marketed correctly, sellers are benefiting from high demand...Read more
Comparing your house to recently sold properties can help you understand what your home is worth. Additionally, I can personally arrive at a value by touring your home and taking into account special features, location, and market conditions. All homes are unique, but this evaluation tool acts as a comparative market analysis to help guide you...Read more
Evaluating your Property
​Time to Stage, Store & Move
Preparing your Home for Sale
Relocating to Dayton
Often called the crossroads of America, Dayton has become the melting pot for Aerospace Technology, Healthcare, and The Performing Arts & Theater. With all that activity comes a progressive real estate market. The advantage to selling in an area of growth and transit, is that properties sell quick and for more money. Marketing is key to relocation...Read more
Comparing Market Values